A BHRF is a health care service delivery model, focused on the integration of primary care, mental health services, social services and support for adults with a mental illness (dual diagnoses). The B model of care uses a multidisciplinary team to deliver person-centered services designed to support a person in coordinating care and services while reaching their health and wellness goals.
Treatment varies by the individual client, however the minimum is 90 day, and then there is the 180 day and 9 months program for those who qualify. *(Nine (9) month programs are Native Health and Personal Insurance).
Yes. We are a Level II facility but we not locked down. You will reside on site during your treatment stay.
Clients will receive three (3) meals a day at set times to allow house members to eat together. Clients will also be escorted to local grocery stores once a week to purchase sundries and snacks for themselves.
There are washers and dryers on site and clients will have access to them at specified times of the day.
Our facilities have contracts with local gyms for our clients to workout at. Exercising is part of recovery and maintaining a healthy body and mind. The house will attend the gyms together and designated times.
There is no smoking allowed in the house but a designated area is located in the back.
We believe family is important to treatment and so we are making all arrangements to have safe visits during these trying times of COVID-19.
During the first 30 days there is a "blackout period" of most communications. However depending on the client that blackout maybe shorter. When clients arrive they will be able to contact a family member to let them know of their location and how to reach them if they need to. Treatment is key and during the first 30 days clients will be focusing on their treatment. We will allow once a week calls to family during this 30 day period to update the. Once clients have been released from the "blackout period" they have access to their email and cell phone at scheduled times.
We coordinate with our clients therapist and adhere to the treatment plans developed by them. Additional treatment programs based on clients specific need. The first 30 days at the facility are specifically about treating the trauma, then our success coaches will begin working with the client at day 30. Our goals is to set our clients up for success by providing them all the tools they need to succeed in life. "We are with you each step of the way".
For the majority of the clients cost are covered by their insurance.
JHO has a passenger van to transport all clients to and from medical appointments of other appoints with community services agencies.
No, all clients will share a room with another client, but they will have their own space to store clothing and personal items.
All cash and medication will be kept secure at all times and only staff will have access to those items. When they need to go shopping you will be able to retrieve you cash/credit cards/ATM cards.
If client is court order to our facility they can not leave when they want. Client will still need to abide by the court mandate. If client voluntarily leaves the property they will be discharged and the police will be notified.
We partner with other community services that will be able to help determine if the client qualifies for the AHCCCS insurance program. While they are waiting for approval we can still work with them.
We do conduct random drug tests on site. If a client fails a test, they will have to attend detox for a short period before coming back into the house. A second failure is an automatic discharge from the facility.
Drinking is not allowed. If you are found to have been drinking during treatment a staffing meeting will be held to determine your continued eligibility in our program.
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