Case Management For Mental Health

Case Management For Mental Health (Success Coaches)

Our success coaches work directly one-one with each client to see them become successful in all areas of their lives such as: education, career training, financial management, transitional living, long-term living, family assistance, tribal assistance, state assistance, job placement, treatment placement, VA assistance, VA disability claim assistance, Social Security claims assistance, ALTECs claim assistance, and assited living placement to name a few

The goal of our Success Coaches is three-fold. First, they work with each client to identify additional needs and develop a plan for addressing these needs. Second, identify the right resource and service to address these needs. Third, connect the client to our community partners providing the service and monitor clients progress.

In developing a success plan, both the client and the Success Coach can see the pathways and steps need to be taken toward achieving the clients goals. In addition to the success plan development they can also identify the barriers and create strategies for addressing them.

Once the success plan is developed the Success Coach introduces the client to our communities resources and services providers. These providers are experts in their particular fields, thus being able to effect the positive outcomes the client seeks. Such examples would be employment and workforce development. In this example we have community partners that can provide training and job placement. Finally, our Success Coaches monitor and evaluate the clients’ progress throughout their success plan, encouraging the client and making any need adjustments along the way.

Financial Services

There are instances where a client might financial relief for items outside of their therapy program. We have community partners that might be able to assist with some, or all, of these immediate financial needs. Examples of need are; rents, utilities, court fines, legal fees, etc.

VA Benefits and Claims

For our veterans clients and their immediate families, we can assist in connecting them to a myriad of free resources and services.

Legal Services

Our Success Coaches have experience working with community legal services, city and county courts, and probation officers, we will advocate on our client’s behalf in collaboration with these agencies.


While at our residential facilities, we will provide our clients with transportation to a from any therapies and house-driven activities.

Employment & Training

Our community partners specialize in assisting our clients with identifying their fields of interest, which training programs are available to them, and funding to assist in the training programs.


Our success coaches can connect our clients to educational institutions to help them achieve their educational goals. Whether our clients want to pursue a GED, or a PHD, we can help.


We’ll assist our clients with any of their housing needs to ensure that their transition from our facility to their own is smooth and successful.

Family & Social Services

Many of our clients will have immediate family & social services needs. Once our client’s behavioral health counselor allows for it, our Success Coaches will work with them and local agencies to address these concerns.
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