Behavioral Health Residential Facility

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At each of our behavioral health homes our clients experience an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that our clients reach the goals expressed in their individual treatment plans developed by their behavioral health counselors.

In conjunction with this treatment plan we offer in-house guided group therapy’s that cover a number of of topics such as a 12 step dual-recovery and storytelling, art therapy will teach our clients how to directly connect to their emotions through the mediums of painting and drawing. Our equine therapy is done in partnership with our non-profit partners and is designed to address issues of anxiety and depression. Once approved by their behavioral health counselors, our clients will also have access to all our other resources and services in the areas of, employment, education, housing, legal, and many others provided by our Success Coaches.

In working one-on-one with our Success Coaches, clients will identify their additional needs for achieving their desired goals and develop a plan of action to obtain them.

Veteran Mental Health Services Make This A Place To Call Home

Joint Healing Operations (JHO’s) Behavioral Health Residential Facility (BHRF) is licensed through the State of Arizona Department of Health. JHO works as an emissary with hospitals, tribal communities, therapists, and Social Services, among other concerned parties. 

The facility provides 24-hour direct care and complete Level II services for adults who have been diagnosed with behavioral or mental health challenges.

Our focus is restorative treatment, which is why our facility is uniquely equipped to provide all our client’s mental health needs while helping them manage any physical or substance abuse issues. 

Veterans Mental Health Treatment Includes:

  • Provision of food, shelter, and clothing, including specialized dietary needs and nutrition and wellness education
  • A personalized treatment plan which can include
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
    • Facilitated 12-step DRA Program
    • Family psych education
    • Pharmacological interventions
    • Health monitoring
    • Rehabilitation
    • Life skills training
    • Physical fitness and Sports
    • Equine and pet therapy
    • Individual and group therapy
    • Psychotherapy services 
    • Counseling
  • Art, music, storytelling, and talking circles
  • Work readiness program
  • Self-administration medication assistance
  • Mentoring/advocate or liaison services
  • Daily activities development skills through games, arts, crafting, cooking, and more
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