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Welcome to Joint Healing Operations

Joint Healing Operations was founded by veterans who have provided transitional services to these populations for more than a decade. Our focus is to identify and remove barriers to a successful transition. Through our comprehensive needs assessment, we single out these barriers and bring to bare our vast network of community partners to assist in addressing them; Whether the barrier is mental health, employment, education, housing, legal, or a myriad of others, we have the resources to address them. As a Phoenix behavioral health services organization, we are based in Arizona, but we welcome clients from all around the country.


Is to provide carefully planned holistic resources and services in a safe and healthy environment that fosters positive outcomes for the populations we serve (veterans, Native Americans, and formerly incarcerated).


To assist in the successful transition of the populations we serve by providing a safe, healthy living environment and the holistic resources to overcome their individual barriers.

Core Values

Unity; we move forward together. Integrity; following our moral principles. Empathy through shared experiences



What You Can Expect

We offer concierge case management mental health services that identify your needs, create a plan, and directly connect you to resources and service providers in the community. Our Phoenix behavioral health services are available for the length of our patients’ designated program and beyond. In addition to our client and clinical manager services, we offer client placement assistance, as well as intake and transition services. We’ve also partnered with a behavioral health OTC and a medical OTC to provide one-stop services for all your client needs.

Behavioral Health Residential Facility

Our Behavioral Health Residential Facilities provide a clean, safe, health environment for our clients to stay while undergoing behavioral health counseling. All of our homes are professionally staffed by experiences Behavioral Health Technicians 24 hours a day. Our BHT’s monitor and record clients metal and physical vital signs, administer treatment plans, schedule appointments, facilitate the administering of medications, liaison between client and medical staff, and prepare meals. Our homes also provide transportation to all appointments and house activities

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